GIROADS (GNSS Introduction in the Road Sector) is a research initiative commissioned by the European GNSS Supervisory Authority to aggregate the road community's proposals facilitating the technical and commercial introduction of Europe's satellite navigation programme to the road sector.

19 December 2007 - Three out of the 5 live demonstrations of the GIROADS project were presented to the participants of the 4th Workshop that was devoted to the burning issue of Urban Mobility.  Read more.

November 2007 - Consortium members were present with a stand at the Growing Galileo event organised by the Galileo Supervisory Authority (Brussels, 14-15 November), where they answered questions from different stakeholders and delivered keynote presentations on the achievements of GIROADS. Read the CORDIS article.

October 2007 -  The European Geostationery Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS) is Europe's first venture into satellite navigation. In a new 'By Invitation' feature, Intelligent Roads looks at the system's performance after a year of operations and the challenges associated with obtaining a certification for safety-of-life applications - Read an online copy here.


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Last Progress

  • GIROADS Workshop #4
    Rome, December 19 2007

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The Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussée has long-standing recognition in both France and abroad in all areas of civil engineering. Its aim is, and always has been, to meet the expectations of society and support public policies.

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